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Paying for Care

When you receive medical care, you choose how to pay your share of the cost. Follow these easy steps when it’s time to get care:

Step 1: Meet With Your Provider

Don’t forget, you’ll probably pay a lot less when you see in-network providers. You can check the provider directory on the TRIUMPH Group Benefits Center website at https://digital.alight.com/triumphgroup or refer to your insurance carrier’s website.

Remember: Not all options cover out-of-network care.

Step 2: Present Your Medical ID Card

When you visit your doctor, hospital, or other health care provider, remember to show them your ID card so they know how to bill for the services they are providing you.

Step 3: Review the Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

An EOB is not a bill. It’s simply a statement from your insurance carrier that shows when you got care and how much it cost.

It will show your provider’s charges, the negotiated amount your insurance carrier agreed to pay, how much is covered (if any), and your payment responsibility.

Remember, if you haven’t met your deductible, you could owe the entire negotiated amount. Keep the EOB for your records because you’ll need it for the next step.

Step 4: Review Your Provider’s Bill

A provider’s bill typically arrives in your mailbox after the EOB arrives. The amount you owe on your provider’s bill should match what’s on the EOB.

Step 5: Pay Your Provider

You can pay your provider out of pocket or you can pay with your HSA or FSA for eligible health care expenses.

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